A Recipe, Kind Of: Granolarritos!

PBJs were out of the question; jelly was pricey, and so was ice to keep it cool. Bananas are swell, but the smushage risk was too high for my laundromat dependence. Apples are heavy, and dry cereal is sad. Enter: granolarritos. … More A Recipe, Kind Of: Granolarritos!


Cookies & Currahee

Nathan on the Belay couch. Belay loveseat? Beloveseat. Mt. Currahee is probably the closest sport climbing to Athens. I don’t know, maybe Yonah is closer, but we didn’t go there this weekend. We went to Currahee. Evan, Lucy, Beckett, Nathan, and I drove up there on Friday for a half day, and since it’s only about 90 … More Cookies & Currahee

Coconot about climbing

I, like most people, love food. Specifically, healthy food that tastes good and doesn’t cost oodles of money. Unfortunately, I am a beyond-broke college student, and what’s affordable to some folks is oodles to me. But fortunately, I work in a health food store. And last week, when I decided to wander the aisles during my … More Coconot about climbing