Grit and Burl: Maybe it’s time to take training seriously

So I just kept climbing, daydreaming, and attempting to absorb the powers of the greats through YouTube binges and Crux Crush interviews. I slowly progressed past the V5 mark and toward V6, strengthening my shoulders and bettering my head game by climbing a lot of routes in styles I enjoyed. When the lady climbers I most admired talked about their own training plans, I shrugged some more: Sure, they train, but I’m not on that level yet.

Well, I think I really am. I don’t even think there is a level. Climbing with purpose and cross training are probably beneficial no matter how long you’ve been scurrying up walls. … More Grit and Burl: Maybe it’s time to take training seriously


Pss-AT and Kihap: Thoughts on #tryhard sounds

Grunting also seems akin to swearing, and (occasional) swearing has been proved by SCIENCE* to increase pain tolerance! Climbers can always use more of that.

In fact, in Taekwondo there is even a special term for the force that leads practitioners to shout during their practice: kihap. Evan told me about it just now, and I found a little info on the Taekwondo Wiki: … More Pss-AT and Kihap: Thoughts on #tryhard sounds

I did my first pullup!

So Labor Day weekend happened, and I didn’t climb at all. Friday through Monday, my Facebook feed filled up with photos of mountains, boulders, rocks and ropes while I…worked. I didn’t even have time to climb plastic! I know I was bound to go some weekend without climbing, and bills gotta get paid, but I was pretty … More I did my first pullup!