Pretty in Font

This is a story of fear and failure.

It’s a tale of girl meets sandstone, rubber meets crashpad, skin meets salve. It chronicles the highest highs and lowest lows, but every chapter ends with hope.

My name is Sarah Anne. I’m a teacher, climber, and freelance writer living in Quito, Ecuador. Originally from Athens, Georgia, I graduated from UGA with a B.A. in English, a creative writing emphasis, and minors in music and Spanish.

Rocktown and Little River Canyon are my favorite playgrounds in the American South, but I’m currently exploring Ecuador’s endless Andean offerings. When I’m done adventuring here, I hope to live out my dirtbag daydreams of #vanlife while pursuing a graduate degree and V10 sendage.

Eat & Climb is a place for communal psych and solidarity. It’s about taking every chance we can to try harder and climb farther. 


Photo cred to Mackenzie Taylor Photography



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