Cookies & Currahee

Nathan on the Belay couch. Belay loveseat? Beloveseat. Mt. Currahee is probably the closest sport climbing to Athens. I don’t know, maybe Yonah is closer, but we didn’t go there this weekend. We went to Currahee. Evan, Lucy, Beckett, Nathan, and I drove up there on Friday for a half day, and since it’s only about 90 … More Cookies & Currahee

There Goes The Fear

This seems to be the norm for approaches at Little River Canyon: Class 4? This weekend, I learned about hiking classes. I’d heard of them before, but as a budding adventurer I was unfamiliar with how hardcore hikers graded their routes. According to my seasoned outdoorsman friend Charles, the basic breakdown is this: Class 1: You’re … More There Goes The Fear

Summertime Radness: A sunny day at Rocktown

Remember how in my last post, I declared Little Rock City “my second-favorite bouldering spot?” Well, my first-favorite is Rocktown*. And after shredding my fingertips and ego bouldering at LRC, I was aching to get back to Lafayette**. So on Thursday, I posted this Facebook status: I didn’t expect it to work; most people seem … More Summertime Radness: A sunny day at Rocktown