Coconot about climbing

I, like most people, love food.

Specifically, healthy food that tastes good and doesn’t cost oodles of money. Unfortunately, I am a beyond-broke college student, and what’s affordable to some folks is oodles to me.

But fortunately, I work in a health food store. And last week, when I decided to wander the aisles during my break instead of reading/moping/napping in the café like usual, I came across Laughing Giraffe’s “Snakaroons.” I’d tried a vanilla one once on a climbing trip and been unable to find them since (even at Earth Fare). But there they were, smiling at me from the end of the chocolate shelf — and they were on SALE. Like, half off. Plus 20% off. So they were like…70% off? I don’t think that’s how that works. #math


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 3.11.37 PM

Anybody know how to get IG screenshots the way Buzzfeed does? They don’t even look like that on my phone. But I wannaaa

Anyway, I’ve been snacking on these all week, and as I came closer and closer to emptying the precious bags, I thought I’d try to create my own.

(What was left of) the originals:


The version I came up with, after much trial and error and a last-ditch freeze job, is much less organic and even more fatty than the Laughing Giraffe ‘roons. Basically, I started with the five basic ingredients listed on the packages:


Some of it’s organic! And I got the coconut supacheap in Costa Rica. #culture #maxipali

But by the end of the thing, I had added another bag of coconut, crushed-up pecans, and cashew butter (organic! #saleshopper).



Which means they were nuttier than I was hoping for, but still delicious. Next time, I will probably try to get them to stick together without cashew butter, I’ll do less agave, and I may leave out the salt altogether. Still, the pecans were a surprisingly good complement to the coconut in lieu of almonds (which we actually had, but they would have required me to walk ten feet instead of reaching into the cabinet behind me, so).

The finished candy:




The real thing on the left, my thing on the right.

Now, I won’t attempt to convince you that these sweet ‘n’ fatty lil cocoballs are super healthy. BUT if it’s these or a slice of Kroger cookie cake, your body will thank you for choosing the ‘roons.


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