Runny smoothies, Obed climbing, and no more shampoo

I’ve been making lots of smoothies.


for the curious: bananas, dates, coconut, flax meal, soymilk, and cashew butter.

They’re not like the smoothies I make at my Earth Fare juice bar job. They’re more like a lukewarm smoothie-milkshake hybrid, except iceless and dairyless. Perhaps I should call them smoothie shakes, but ugh. Maybe they are closer to pudding…

Anyway. Basically, I throw some [unfrozen] bananas into the decrepit blender I’ve been borrowing from my mom, then add some nut butter, water, some flax meal, and whatever other produce I think would taste good blended up and poured into a mason jar. This week’s staples have included dates, kale and strawberries, but we’ll see how sustainable this is, since fruit is expensive and I’m generally the brokest person I know.

I’ve become one of those girls on Instagram who post the same meal in different colors every day. 


green smoothie


I’m trying not to overdo the fruit-mush jar shots, but I did decide to stop sharing all my Instagrams on Facebook; not everyone wants to see what I had for breakfast. Probably ‘cause they’re jealous.

Over the weekend, I wasn’t able to make smoothiepuddingshakes and had to actually chew my fruit because I was camping at the Obed. We stayed at Del and Marte’s Lilly Pad, which is their home-turned-campground. I could gush about it to you, but I’ll just post some photos:








Et cetera.

We spent two nights there and three days climbing rocks — much better than a ‘Muricuh Day cookout. I’m still learning the ropes (ha) of sport climbing and am pretty sketched out by leading, so I mostly top-roped, but it was a great chance to work on my endurance and finger strength, not to mention my belaying skills. And I learned to clean routes! yay? #terror.






And yesterday, I stopped washing my hair. After climbing at the gym, I rubbed a baking soda and water mixture into it, rinsed it out, then followed with apple cider vinegar and water. I did the same thing after my run this morning, and my hair feels quite clean and soft. It’s less shiny than usual, but I’m pretty sure that is because of my haphazard wet-brushing. 

Anyway, the idea is that after a while your scalp’s pH will balance out, and your body will stop producing excess oil in overcompensation for the oil-stripping effects of regular shampoo (damage we usually amend with conditioner), and eventually you can just use water. So no more toxic and expensive shampoo!

Tomorrow’s adventure: a foolish trip to Shaking Rock. Photos and possible regret to come.


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