Coconot about climbing

I, like most people, love food. Specifically, healthy food that tastes good and doesn’t cost oodles of money. Unfortunately, I am a beyond-broke college student, and what’s affordable to some folks is oodles to me. But fortunately, I work in a health food store. And last week, when I decided to wander the aisles during my … More Coconot about climbing

Shaky Breaky V2

The tombstone bodes well for the day. Often when I’m climbing out of state with other Athenians, we meet folks who ask what the closest climbing to Athens is. Usually there’s an uncertain pause, and then someone chuckle-scoffs out the words, “Shaking Rock.” Then: “total chosspile.” Shaking Rock is a little park in Lexington that is … More Shaky Breaky V2

Runny smoothies, Obed climbing, and no more shampoo

I’ve been making lots of smoothies. for the curious: bananas, dates, coconut, flax meal, soymilk, and cashew butter. They’re not like the smoothies I make at my Earth Fare juice bar job. They’re more like a lukewarm smoothie-milkshake hybrid, except iceless and dairyless. Perhaps I should call them smoothie shakes, but ugh. Maybe they are … More Runny smoothies, Obed climbing, and no more shampoo